Public Speaker

Gerry has spoken to organisations, big and small across a diverse range of industries, delivering a message that motivates people to get the best from themselves and each other. He focuses on the cornerstones of any successful venture, be it in his chosen sport “Rallying” or the work place:

  • Motivation

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

Gerry has competed at a high level in sport. His motivational speeches highlight the key qualities he and his team mates needed to succeed in highly pressurised situations.

These qualities are common to individuals who make up any group working towards a shared goal. Just some of the themes Gerry can talk about include:

  • Vision – having it, communicating it and winning consensus.

  • Team Spirit – taking personal responsibility, building trust and rapport.

  • Managing Change – the capacity to adapt and adjusting the route to goal.

  • Resilience – the ability to keep going when things get tough and to see the job through.

  • Managing risk – effective decision making and contingency planning.

  • Innovation – balancing creativity with functionality and efficiency.

His talks are packed with humour and drama, recounting rousing, uplifting anecdotal evidence that both motivates and energizes audiences. Time after time people comment that lessons Gerry learnt through his vast experience can be applied to their own working lives. The themes presented help people attain clarity, providing a fresh perspective on their organisational issues.

In addition to his sporting and performing activities, Gerry has worked at every level of management in organisations large and small including chairing the board of an enterprise organisation and board experience with a national charity.

Gerry works closely with his clients to ensure that his talks resonate with the audience and engages with the issues delegates face in their working environment. His presentation always stimulates discussion and debate. His testimonials bear witness and a good hearty laugh is guaranteed every time.